Does customer experience quality reflect at the polls?

Monday, 21 March, 2022

Does customer experience quality reflect at the polls?

Just over half (53%) of Australians and New Zealanders said their experiences of interacting with government services directly affect how they vote, according to new Qualtrics research, with 25% saying it has a significant impact.

As government agencies work to modernise and expand services in response to changing resident demands, expectations and behaviours, findings from the study reveal the importance of delivering positive experiences in these new environments. Alongside voting preferences, two-thirds also said the experience provided by government agencies, such as available information and booking systems, impacted their decision to get a COVID-19 vaccine. For 26%, it had a significant influence on their decision. These findings were published in the Experience Management for the Public Sector report.

Digitisation a priority

As part of the transformation of government service delivery, digitisation must be a continued priority. A third (32%) of respondents said they are more satisfied when using digital platforms. Similarly, 48% said they now expect to use digital services most of the time when accessing government services. More than half (58%) said they have increased their use of digital platforms to engage with government agencies since the start of the pandemic.

Government agencies managing health (including tracing and vaccination status), transport and services currently achieve the highest volumes of residents satisfied with the experiences being delivered. They are also the top listed agencies residents prefer to engage with through mobile and online channels, further highlighting the impact of a positive digital experience.

Findings from the study build on Qualtrics’ recent Consumer Trends study, where customer service support, communications and ease of use for products and services were highlighted as the top areas for public sector agencies to improve.

“Following two years of rapid digital transformation within all industries, residents have high expectations for the services being delivered. This requires a shift in how government agencies manage their programs, with a critical need to rapidly uncover opportunities and take immediate action to improve the services being delivered.

“We are already seeing some government agencies make progress in these new environments, and it will ultimately lead to better outcomes for all involved — from greater trust through to a rise in inclusive citizen access to programs and initiatives,” said Phillip Bland, Industry Advisor for Public Sector Solution Strategy, Qualtrics.

It’s not just the resident experience

As organisations from all industries navigate an increasingly competitive job market, separate findings from Qualtrics’ 2022 Employee Experience Trends report found 4 in 10 public sector workers (39%) in Australia and New Zealand could look to switch jobs this year.

For agencies wanting to attract and retain talent, hybrid environments, flexible working arrangements and the opportunity to do meaningful work will be key. More than two-thirds of respondents said they would look for a new job if they were asked back to the office full-time (69%), while the opportunity to do meaningful work, flexible working arrangements and working with great people were the top reasons people would apply for a job in the public sector.

“Competition for new talent is rising, and in the public sector candidates and employees are also all residents. It’s therefore especially vital that the public sector gets the experience right for both groups, especially as we know negative experiences can have knock-on consequences. By understanding and delivering the types of experiences people want at work, government agencies will be in a stronger position to attract and retain a purpose-driven, high-performing workforce,” Bland said.

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