Interview: Christian Lucarelli, Nintex

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Wednesday, 09 December, 2020

Interview: Christian Lucarelli, Nintex

In our annual Leaders in Technology series, we ask the experts what the year ahead holds. Today we talk digital process automation with Nintex’s Christian Lucarelli.

How have Australian workplaces coped with COVID? Will things go back to normal?

Overall, Australia has coped well. Australian organisations instantly responded to lockdown by introducing remote working, which put them under pressure to innovate and drive investment in the digital workspace. Suddenly digital technologies, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and even automated processes, rested in the hands of employees. An expected dip occurred during March and April due to market uncertainty, while people adjusted and organisations defined their new working normal. Since then we’ve seen a steadying of activity for many local, state and federal governments, as they stabilise. We’re likely to face ‘COVID-normal’ in 2021, requiring organisations to undergo changes that prompt the merging of people, culture and technology. This could result in practices such as distributed working and managing teams digitally on a long-term basis.

Which new technologies will reach critical mass in 2021?

In reaction to COVID-19 and as general market progression, digital process automation (DPA) is gaining momentum in the market as we drive citizen developers and automated solutions. We’re currently seeing a consolidation within companies in the DPA market and there is clarity around what that market can provide to technology and organisational buyers. What Nintex — and the DPA market as a whole — has done is refine the messaging, taking a technical tool geared towards technical people and making it a value proposition for organisations and users. I see this becoming a more dominant approach as they commit to making better use of the technology they have invested in.

How will IT improve operational efficiency in 2021, and who should lead the charge?

Traditionally, IT has functioned independently, delivering its own technology projects. The efficiencies and competitive advantages available through information technology are irrefutable. Now, more than ever, leaders can drive advantage by partnering with IT, outlining what the organisation aims to achieve and what customers require in order to be successful. Organisations are being charged with the need to innovate, build their digital capabilities and drive their strategic aims to avoid failure or — at best — stagnation. IT’s responsibilities include providing the C-suite with assurances that they have secure, governed systems that can help the organisation to grow and operate efficiently.

What’s on your wish list from government, industry and innovators?

The opportunities for government to embrace digital solutions are immense and right now the public sector can ensure success by continuing to embrace a digital format, providing excellent services despite the constraints of COVID-19. Customers want quick, efficient interactions with government services via their devices and mobile phones, not paper forms and waiting in call centre queues. There is no longer any reason for the government sector to be less innovative than the private sector. In 2021, I hope we can make a leap forward, implement the right tech to address the right problems, to ensure the right engagements.

Christian Lucarelli has nearly 15 years of IT experience, including a number of large-scale enterprise implementations. Since joining Nintex in 2015, he has helped many CIOs deliver platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. In his role as Vice President of APAC Sales, he works with customers to better define and deliver digital transformation initiatives.

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