GovTEAMS: boosting the efficiency of government and its suppliers

Department of Finance
Thursday, 16 May, 2024

GovTEAMS: boosting the efficiency of government and its suppliers

For vendors working with or considering working with the Australian Public Service (APS), leveraging GovTEAMS is essential for ensuring secure, flexible, and efficient collaboration.

Developed by the Department of Finance in 2019, GovTEAMS boasts a client base of more than 38,000 APS staff across all departments, including Defence, and 5,000+ Guest Memberships who have been able to achieve higher levels of delivery, value, and engagement.

Recently, GovTEAMS introduced a new offering tailored for non-government vendors: GovTEAMS Partner Memberships.

These memberships provide access to the full suite of GovTEAMS extensive features and applications such as email, chat, file sharing, online meetings, and access to the entire Microsoft 365 suite, ensuring efficient and secure collaboration for non-government vendors and their government clients.

GovTEAMS Partner Memberships are especially useful for those needing autonomy when driving the engagement with their APS clients; if you’re a trainer, project manager, delivery manager or business analyst, you should have a GovTEAMS Partner Membership.

When a vendor or industry professional becomes a GovTEAMS Partner they can immediately:

  • Create and manage GovTEAMS communities — and invite others to join them (including guests).
  • Use the calendar to schedule and facilitate meetings, sessions and workshops using advanced facilitator tools.
  • Collaborate with and provide reports, documents, and feedback to their government clients.

If you’re already a GovTEAMS user within the APS, you understand its value firsthand. Encouraging your external partners to register for a GovTEAMS Partner Membership is a logical step to streamline collaboration. Likewise, if you’re an APS member yet to utilise GovTEAMS, you’re missing out on a wealth of productivity-enhancing features and benefits.

GovTEAMS is secure

Security is paramount in GovTEAMS, with rigorous assessments ensuring the system’s security complies with Australian Government policies and guidelines.

GovTEAMS offers two versions tailored to different security classifications: GovTEAMS OFFICIAL for information classified up to OFFICIAL:Sensitive and GovTEAMS PROTECTED for information classified up to PROTECTED.

State and local government members, industry partners and other guests have access to GovTEAMS OFFICIAL. Access to GovTEAMS PROTECTED can be provided if necessary for their work with government and the required security checks are passed.

How GovTEAMS will benefit you and your organisation:

  • Multiple layers of security and protection.
  • Access to the customised Microsoft Office 365 and applications suite, including Creately, an Australian-owned virtual whiteboarding tool.
  • GovTEAMS supports any device, anywhere. GovTEAMS OFFICIAL:Sensitive is approved for use on any device from any location. You can work wherever you choose using your own desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Bypass lengthy on-boarding processes for non-government vendors with Partner Memberships.

You can find the full list of apps and features on the GovTEAMS website: Apps and Features | GovTEAMS

Get on board with GovTEAMS!

Why wait? Join the thousands already benefiting from GovTEAMS and unlock a new level of efficiency in your collaborations.

If you’re an APS employee, join over 38,000 others who are already reaping the rewards of GovTEAMS. It’s quick and easy — get started on our website.

If you’re employed by a state or local government, State Government Membership is tailored to your needs. Sign up on our website.

For those collaborating with the APS, GovTEAMS OFFICIAL Partner Membership grants comprehensive access, streamlining your workflow. Applying is a breeze — just fill out this form.

(Please note, you will need a current or upcoming contract with the APS and an APS Sponsor to become a GovTEAMS Partner.)

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