National Coverage Model optimises wireless deployment

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Thursday, 13 June, 2024

National Coverage Model optimises wireless deployment

The National Coverage Model (NCM) is a cloud-based platform from Powertec Wireless Technology (Powertec) that is used to analyse the coverage and performance of Australia’s 4G and 5G networks.

The platform is the first of its kind. It provides a true, high-resolution snapshot of Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone 4G/5G networks across the entire country and out to sea. With an intuitive and familiar interface, users can check and compare mobile coverage for any location in the country with unparalleled accuracy.

NCM enables technology professionals to plan, deploy, and optimise wireless solutions reliant on 4G and 5G connectivity right from their web browser. For consultants and property developers, the platform provides indispensable insights into the availability and speed of 4G and 5G mobile networks, whether the task is understanding mobile coverage of a new subdivision, drone BVLOS flight planning, or identifying blackspots along a traffic corridor.

NCM features

The NCM offers a comprehensive suite of features including:

  • Coverage checking and signal strength prediction: Users can type in an address or GPS coordinates to check the availability of Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone 4G-5G at that location. A signal level estimate (RSRP) can be obtained based on real-world data, with a single click.
  • Mobile data speed prediction: The NCM makes it possible to understand the performance capabilities of the 4G/5G network. It also shows how data speed is impacted by terrain, vegetation, and buildings between you and the tower.
  • Identify best and alternative serving cell towers: With the NCM, users can understand which tower is providing signal to a location, along with alternatives for effective emergency outage and disaster planning scenarios.
  • Cell elevation profile, distance and direction: Users can plan technology deployment with detailed information on terrain and distances, and optimal antenna height and azimuth for aiming equipment at the tower.
  • Report preparation: Extensive graphical mapping features allow for the easy generation of connectivity reports, including the ability to assess sites in bulk.

Powertec services

Bulk site analysis

The NCM allows Powertec to provide batch-analysis of thousands of sites simultaneously, allowing your team to access accurate predictions of 4G-5G signal or device performance, in many cases avoiding the need for a physical technician visit entirely.

A CSV output file lists network characteristics such as the best serving base station, signal strength, quality, and data speed, along with installation parameters such as antenna azimuth and tilt.

Compare expected coverage

Selecting a network operator for your large-scale rollout means evaluating coverage against cost. NCM provides an impartial and empirically backed mechanism to compare the coverage and performance of Australian mobile networks anywhere within the country. NCM can help you determine the availability of each network in each location and avoid costly service calls.

Simulate your device

Powertec can develop performance comparisons between different UE devices, scientifically quantifying the coverage and performance benefits of higher device categories, larger antennas, higher order MIMO, and more.

About Powertec Wireless Technology

Since its inception in 1995, Powertec Wireless Technology has established itself as a leading player in connectivity, offering clients the best solutions for their communications requirements. Powertec is a leading provider of connectivity solutions to mobile network operators, private enterprise, government departments, defence and emergency services.

For more information on the National Coverage Model click here.

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