EKA CyberLock: securing critical infrastructure in a connected world

Tuesday, 12 March, 2024 | Supplied by: EKA Cyberlock

EKA CyberLock: securing critical infrastructure in a connected world

There are a myriad of challenges when operating in one of the 11 sectors and 22 asset classes that are now deemed as Critical Infrastructure by the Australian Governments Department of Home Affairs. These challenges extend beyond access control and cybersecurity. The implications of a major malfunction will put thousands of lives at risk.

The mechanical master key systems that have long been used in critical infrastructure organisations are not equipped to address the many convergences across industry, such as regulatory requirements with flexible workforces, physical security and cybersecurity.

The benefits of having a physical security system that has all the features of a hardwired system with the simple operation of a mechanical master key system, whilst providing virtual real-time access control even in remote areas and without being on your network, will severely reduce the risk of it being compromised.

EKA CyberLock is such a system, combining the attributes of a proximity card access control system with those of a mechanical master key system. By eliminating the wire between the lock and the managing software, EKA CyberLock can be installed virtually anywhere. EKA CyberLock’s integration capability enhances its application, addresses specific challenges and provides robust solutions and benefits in high-security environments like government agencies and public sector organisations.

With EKA CyberLock, an access control system has been designed that can be configured for virtually any facility. The adaptable solutions are built around a range of durable, electronic lock cylinders. With over 370 different cylinder designs, EKA CyberLock seamlessly retrofits into existing mechanical hardware, providing scheduled access control without the need to install network or power cables: effectively they provide an IP68-rated padlock with access control and no batteries. In addition to supplying power to the locks upon contact, CyberKey smart keys include Bluetooth keys that provides virtual real-time access control regarding user activity, denied access alerts, schedule changes, expirations and more.

Another benefit of EKA CyberLock is the ability to integrate the CyberAudit Web management software with other security and compliance systems. The software development team based in NSW has developed an API integration with Gallagher Command Centre that allows users to walk up to a card reader, scan their access card and then be given access to a CyberKey (for a set period of time and for a set number of locks or locations). Another example is the native ‘Dynamic Tags’ within CyberAudit Web, which allows organisations to automatically adjust access permissions based on whether or not a tag-criterion is satisfied. For example, if an employee fails to complete their WHS training within the required timeframe, CyberAudit Web will automatically revoke the employee’s access permissions on the expiration date without the need for continual database management.

EKA CyberLock has been installed across sites in Australia since 2000. The system is installed in water utilities, power utilities, roads and transport (such as the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and Sydney’s WestConnex Transurban), telecommunication sites such as BAI Communications, higher education facilities and many airports across the country.

In 2023, an Australian water utility assessed the security risks to treatment plants, reservoirs and hundreds of pumping stations across a large council area. Mechanical key access was highlighted as a major risk due to keys not being able to be controlled. CyberLock was chosen to replace the existing lock cylinders due to the ease and speed of installation. Software-powered CyberKeys allowed the organisation to control access to specific sites to only those who require it and completely mitigated any risk of lost keys.

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