Comprehensive infrastructure monitoring for service availability

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Wednesday, 05 June, 2024

Comprehensive infrastructure monitoring for service availability

Comprehensive IT infrastructure monitoring by Paessler PRTG will prevent government entities from being blindsided by IT infrastructure outages. It can identify system, application and network issues, allowing government employees to stay productive and active in their mission to serve the public by preventing any downtime before it occurs.

Government agencies and councils must be digital-first, flexible and responsive to address their citizens’ changing needs and when it is your mandate to keep the public safe; there’s no time for downtime. Downtime doesn’t just affect the employees who work for the government agency; it can also be harmful and inconvenient to the public that relies on its essential online services daily. Therefore, comprehensive infrastructure monitoring is essential for government entities to prevent outages.

IT infrastructure monitoring using Paessler PRTG helps government entities and councils maintain network health and ensures citizen safety by keeping a 24/7 watch on every physical and virtual device, application and system running on their network.

If a government entity’s key performance indicators see drastic changes inconsistent with optimal or standard levels, the appropriate IT team will be alerted of an issue to address. The best strategy is for government agencies and councils to stay one step ahead of potential IT infrastructure problems with Paessler PRTG, which will stop them before they cause downtime.

Government agencies and councils can use Paessler PRTG to maintain the full power of their networks by monitoring network utilisation levels to ensure peak performance. Monitoring their network’s bandwidth goes beyond just looking at internet traffic, bandwidth speed or capacity as Paessler PRTG will also monitor the network traffic between devices.

Government IT departments can use PRTG to set traffic and device thresholds to highlight network activity, alerting them when those levels have been reached. This prevents performance bottlenecks and connectivity issues and provides usage trends to monitor which devices are over-utilising bandwidth. PRTG also enables government agencies and councils to identify abnormal traffic levels that could be potential cybersecurity threats.

A local government application

Being caught out by IT infrastructure outages is not only a problem for government or council employees but can also be detrimental to public safety. For example, what if a pram falls onto a railway station track, the traffic lights stop working at a busy intersection during the morning commute, or an inmate escapes prison? Paessler PRTG can prevent a safety system outage from resulting in a catastrophic incident by ensuring the right people are immediately notified of a surveillance system outage.

Paessler PRTG has been successfully implemented by a major Australian council. It has revolutionised its IT infrastructure management, ensuring the constant availability of its network and online services for staff and citizens are always working. The council also uses Paessler PRTG to ensure its Disaster Management System, which alerts employees, citizens and emergency services about bushfires, flooding and other extreme weather events, is always on.

Another way Paessler PRTG monitors this Australian council’s IT infrastructure is to check for the expiry of external website SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates to ensure they do not expire, rendering the website inaccessible. It is also used to monitor the third-party software and hardware it has implemented to report any Service Level Agreement breaches.

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