Boosting organisational data analysis with FYB dashboards

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Saturday, 01 May, 2021

Data is important to help your organisation establish baselines or goals to grow and continue momentum. Better understanding the data can help your organisation make better decisions, act more decisively, and cut down on resource waste. Does your organisation have Content Manager and are looking for a more visual app to utilise with it? Keep reading to learn about dashboards, reporting and how FYB Reportilize could assist your organisation.

What is a dashboard?

A dashboard provides users with statistical data in a collection of charts so it is easy to consume.

Dashboards fall into 3 categories:

  • Operational dashboards provide a snapshot of performance to help organisations understand how their business is tracking now
  • Strategic dashboards track current progress against key performance indicators
  • Analytical dashboards leverage previous data to identify trends

How do dashboards compare to reporting?

The main difference is dashboards contain live data whereas a report will contain static information from the date it was gathered. Reports generally include text, tables and some graphs and are usually delivered on a schedule to various stakeholders. Dashboards are more dynamic, the information is live and you can drill down through the information as required by the user.

What are the advantages of using dashboard and reporting tools?

  1. Provides users with on-demand access to your organisation’s important data and KPIs
  2. Supports better decision making with an unbiased view of the organisation’s performance
  3. Allows your users to interact with the data through Dashboards
  4. Scheduling reports enables you to consistently receive data to keep you on track

Ready for a Dashboard and Reporting tool?

Feeling inspired to track your organisations data from Micro Focus Content Manager? Why not check out the FYB Reportilize to see how you can kick start dashboards and reporting for your organisation.

Contact FYB for a demonstration or more information.

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