TrustGrid launches digital trust ecosystem

Thursday, 01 April, 2021

TrustGrid launches digital trust ecosystem

TrustGrid has launched an innovative advanced blockchain technology used to provide privacy-preserved, secure and private digital trust services. The digital trust ecosystem facilitates technology interfaces between government entities and private organisations, providing services to suppliers, end users, customers, citizens and constituents.

TrustGrid enables government, enterprise and organisations to create secure digital ecosystems through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, available anywhere in the world with sovereign control of data and maximised citizen privacy.

TrustGrid is powered by emerging distributed ledger technology, known as blockchain, and a patent-pending fabric that interoperates with legacy services and microservices relevant to various use cases within the government and private sector.

TrustGrid combines innovative cryptography, data privacy, confidential computing and distributed ledger technologies into a customisable digital ecosystem platform. Santosh Devaraj, CEO and founder of TrustGrid, said the platform will solve a global crisis of security in data and digital identity.

“TrustGrid is bringing to market a digital ecosystem that’s empowering individuals worldwide to take back total control of their digital identity, personal data and how they are used and verified by external constituents, in both public and private entities,” said Devaraj.

The technology is available digitally worldwide as a SaaS model, enabling organisations to create secure digital ecosystems from anywhere in the world. A surge in cyber and identity crimes has accelerated the need for faster, smarter and more secure privacy and authentication digital solutions, for government, enterprises and citizens.

TrustGrid has addressed these challenges by providing a degree of privacy, security and integrity via a distributed trust network. This simplifies the management of shared information, delivers confidentiality, and enables government agencies to access and use critical public sector data while maintaining the privacy and security of citizens’ data.

The technology covers government services such as KYC, online voting digital licence, birth/marriage/death certificates and other municipal needs, including asset ownership and digital education accreditations.

TrustGrid can provide end-to-end security, authenticity and integrity of any supply chain. Effective assurance and management of any product can be enabled from the origin point of manufacture. It can enable the verification and authentication of the product and any persons involved in supply chain handling and administration. TrustGrid also facilitates privacy-preserved tracking of vaccinations and health records, allowing people and organisations to present health-based proofs with confidentiality.

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