OPM breach affected friends and family

28 June, 2016 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has acknowledged that last year's major data breach also compromised the personal details of close friends and family of the victims.

US Federal Reserve faces probe over breaches

07 June, 2016 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

The US Federal Reserve is facing a congressional committee investigation following reports that it fell victim to more than 50 cyber breaches between 2011 and 2015.

CrimTrac taps NEC for face recognition, fingerprint system

03 May, 2016 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

CrimTrac, the information sharing service for Australian law enforcement and the DIBP, is deploying a multimodal biometric identification system from NEC.

Canberra doubles down on cybersecurity

29 April, 2016 by David Braue

Government agencies will build a culture of sharing as the federal government doubles down on cybersecurity with the release of its long-awaited Cyber Security Strategy.

The dos and don’ts of cyber-attack protection

28 April, 2016 by Nick FitzGerald, APAC Senior Research Fellow, ESET | Supplied by: ESET Software Australia

Government bodies of all kinds and sizes are ripe targets for cyber attackers, who'll stop at nothing to get their hands on sensitive and potentially lucrative data.

How smart cities can become safer cities

21 April, 2016 by Babar Jan-Haleem, Director–Big Data & Analytics Specialist Team, Oracle APAC

Smart city technologies hold the promise of transforming security and emergency services delivery through data analysis and pre-emptive decision-making.

Public sector leaders harpooned by 'whalers'

20 April, 2016 by David Braue

High-level public servants are increasingly targeted with 'whaling' attacks, designed to trick them into wiring money under false pretences.

Even NASA's infosec regime needs work: audit

20 April, 2016 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

An audit from NASA's Inspector General has found that the US space agency still lacks an effective agency-wide information security framework and should appoint a permanent senior security officer.

Government security is a "team sport"

18 April, 2016 by David Braue

Queensland's $12.5 million, 4½-year commitment to establish a Cyber Security Unit is showing the way forward for government security efforts.

US govt CIO group issues cyber attack response guide

08 April, 2016 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

The association representing US state CIOs has published guidelines covering state government cyber disruption response planning.

DIBP prescreening all travellers exiting Australia

07 April, 2016 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is conducting automatic advance security checks on all passengers travelling out of Australia, using a system supplied by SITA.

Smart tech in public and national security

30 March, 2016 by Darren Read, GM, Services, ANZ, Avaya

Whether it's physical or digital security, there's still a lot of work to be done to capitalise on the benefits smart technology and analytics can deliver to citizens on a daily basis.

Rethinking data protection during the ideas boom

07 March, 2016 by Michael Steer, Federal & ACT Branch Manager, NetApp | Supplied by: NetApp

As we move into the public-data-by-default age, implementing a single, secure, data protection platform can alleviate the headaches of government CIOs and IT administrators.

Military cyber strategy too vague on skills gap

03 March, 2016 by David Braue

The 2016 Defence White Paper is too defensive when it comes to cybersecurity and too vague on the looming skills gap, experts say.

Anonymous messaging tool passes security audit

23 February, 2016 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Ricochet, an open source tool for helping human rights activists and whistleblowers pass on information anonymously, is ready for prime time after passing a security audit.

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