NSW on way to full electronic voting

10 August, 2015 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

NSW Electoral Commission CIO Ian Brightwell believes postal votes are no longer working, and the iVote electronic voting system could be the ideal replacement.

Digital deadline looms for govt agencies

03 August, 2015 by GTR staff

Adoption of the federal government's Digital Service Standard amounts to a major transformation that agencies should plan for in a strategic and coordinated way, not 'rush through' simply to meet a deadline, said Protiviti's Mark Harrison.

Education notices won't curb piracy: research

22 July, 2015 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Government-sponsored research into online piracy calls into question the effectiveness of the proposed government-supported education notice scheme, CHOICE and Comms Alliance have noted.

Government Technology Review finds new home at Westwick-Farrow Media

21 July, 2015

Publisher of Technology Decisions, Westwick-Farrow Media, has announced the launch of a new quarterly magazine — Government Technology Review — available to subscribers from October 2015. You can check out the lastest news for the magazine on the website now.

Tassie government hands major deal to iiNet

17 July, 2015

iiNet has won a contract to provide internet services to nearly all Tasmanian government departments, multiple local councils and other public sector customers.

DIY service review tools tailored for NSW local councils

27 November, 2014 by GovTechReview Staff

Process improvement tool uses applied analytics to help NSW councils improve their service and business process reviews

Social government is at your door: will you bite?

30 September, 2014 by GovTechReview Staff

Social media has become crucial to the functioning of government at every level – but its many benefits are only available to those willing to dive in.

Dept of Finance embraces Drupal for centralised government-wide CMS

16 September, 2014 by GovTechReview Staff

The Department of Finance has chosen a Drupal-based content management system (CMS) from Acquia for its centralised, cloud-hosted govCMS environment.

Reinventing Government Customer Service Conference 2015

25 May, 2014 by GovTechReview Staff

The Reinventing Government Customer Service Conference 2015 will provide practical solutions for transforming government customer service processes and performance.

e-Learning: Get yourself on the train

27 March, 2014 by GovTechReview Staff

Online learning is getting more engaging and capable than ever – but are government bodies ready to make the most of e-learning?

Australians lead world in e-government use: survey

04 March, 2014 by GovTechReview Staff

A Boston Consulting Group survey has found Australians use online e-government services more than peers in other countries, but are less happy with them.

Government innovation, collaboration make Australia SAP's second most-important market

04 February, 2014 by GovTechReview Staff

A history of collaboration has made Australian government agencies a hotbed of innovation that has become a key global market for application vendor SAP.

UK government standardising on open file formats

04 February, 2014 by GovTechReview Staff

The UK government has requested feedback on a proposal to standardise on OpenDocument Format and PDF/A file formats for exchange and publishing of documents

Re-evaluating government procurement

08 January, 2014 by GovTechReview Staff

Government needs are changing, and technology itself is changing – so why aren't procurement practices changing too? Ovum's Kevin Noonan weighs the options.

Mixing paper with digital at Whanganui

12 November, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

A structured information management environment has helped improve document management at New Zealand's Whanganui District Council.

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