Councils warm to web-based GIS

09 September, 2015 by David Braue

The advent of more user-friendly web-based tools is finally helping overcome lingering cultural attitudes that have limited the use of GIS in many councils.

GovHack 2015 entrants find novel uses for NationalMap

07 September, 2015 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

NationalMap, which combines government geospatial information, was used to develop interesting new uses for public sector data during GovHack 2015.

Smart ICT for Australia's infrastructure

24 August, 2015

NICTA has called for the use of 'smart ICT' in all upgrades and new proposals to help improve infrastructure that's struggling to cope with population growth.

Opera House appoints AECOM for 3D BIM project

24 August, 2015 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

The Sydney Opera House has selected an AECOM-led consortium for a project to develop a cloud-based 3D interface that bridges building information modelling and databases with control systems.

Geospatial may be most popular open data in Australia

12 August, 2015 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Initial results from the Open Data 500 Australia study suggest that the most popular form of open government data in Australia is geospatial and mapping data, followed by environmental data.

How Mitchell Shire Council's GIS went mobile

07 February, 2014 by GovTechReview Staff

Rural Mitchell Shire Council has expanded staff and public access to its GIS system with an HTML5 mobile application.

Collaborative, public GIS maps chart WA's environmental changes

11 November, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

An Esri-supported GIS mapping initiative is giving the public access to detailed photographic and research data charting changes in sensitive WA ecosystems.

Cloud-based GIS boosts geospatial access, scalability

12 July, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

The public launch of a cloud-based geospatial GIS system from Esri Australia will simplify government agencies' casual access to scalable GIS services.

Victorian geospatial gift an abundance of data riches

11 July, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

Geospatial and GIS engineers have gained access to a wealth of data about Victoria after the state government released over 400 new geospatial data sets.

Postcodes no longer spatial gold standard: Brobst

09 May, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

Postcodes are inadequate for the kind of spatial and GIS detail that's necessary to support new GIS and information driven systems, a Teradata expert says.

NBN Co's GIS data doldrums

03 May, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

Building a nationwide broadband network isn't easy, but NBN Co is finding it even harder given the challenges of getting clean geospatial data for the task.

Democracy meets GIS

02 May, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

Governments are getting smarter in their use of GIS and other geospatially enabled systems – but can they overcome long-running data issues to share better?

Councils big on GIS but some still struggling with business links: survey

30 April, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

A survey of Australian local governments has found that while most use GIS for specific tasks, many struggle to promote geospatial usage across the business

Democracy meets GIS

08 August, 2012 by GovTechReview Staff

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