BYOD part of the environment at DSEWPAC

14 March, 2014 by GovTechReview Staff

A focus on security and mobile device management has helped DSEWPAC carefully integrate mobiles into its operating environment. This case study explains how

Mobile recycling awards reward local councils

13 March, 2014 by GovTechReview Staff

E-waste recycling firm MobileMuster will reward council initiatives in encouraging recycling of mobile phones with its Local Government Recycling Awards.

Mobiles attack! The mobile invasion is underway

12 March, 2014 by GovTechReview Staff

ANAO picks BlackBerry for mobile management, security

11 March, 2014 by GovTechReview Staff

BlackBerry has taken another scalp after the Australian National Audit Organisation (ANAO) adopted its mobile device management and BYOD security solution.

Transport Safety Bureau picks BlackBerry for mobile direction

07 November, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

Australia's peak transport-safety body will invest in new BlackBerry smartphones as it revamps its mobile strategy and empowers field workers.

Queensland's $457.3m state wireless network to go live before G20

03 September, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

Queensland has engaged Telstra and Motorola Wireless for a $457.3m emergency services network, which will replace its ageing analogue system before the G20.

Mobility: The next government model for public engagement

16 August, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

Mobile apps users know what they want: survey

21 March, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

Governments beware: mobile apps users are unforgiving of poor design and user interfaces, and will quickly abandon an app if it doesn't work as they want.

BYOD makes employees happier, companies more profitable: survey

21 February, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

A recent survey of companies using Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobility models has shown it boosts profits and makes employees happier and more productive.

Adelaide taps citizen power for mobile pothole spotting

15 February, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

Adelaide City Council has offered a mobile smartphone app to improve responsiveness and customer service by letting citizens report problems on the spot.

Mobilising the government? We have an app for that.

14 February, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

Governments are rushing to introduce mobility into their workforce, with varied results. Our GTR feature explores some of the mobile successes to date.

Could RIM's BlackBerry 10 ease government BYOD concerns?

31 January, 2013 by GovTechReview Staff

Despite its government credentials, Research In Motion's new BlackBerry 10 OS must win broad consumer support if its features are to assuage BYOD headaches.

RIM wins mobile reprieve with US Customs BlackBerry 10 trial

15 December, 2012 by GovTechReview Staff

Research In Motion's make-or-break BlackBerry 10 operating system won a reprieve from US Customs, suggesting the new mobile platform is not dead just yet.

Australian orgs lead West, lag second world on BYOD

03 December, 2012 by GovTechReview Staff

Australian organisations are more permissive on BYOD than their Western peers but still lag behind developing countries, Ovum-Logicalis research says

Council wins confirm mobiles reshaping data entry

29 November, 2012 by GovTechReview Staff

Council staff are increasingly using mobiles to enter information and photographs from the field, saving time and money for resource-constrained councils.

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